ADD Clinics is a direct-pay practice. We work hard to keep our fees affordable for those uninsured, under-insured, and those with medical insurance.
Initial Medical Evaluation $275

includes medical and behavioral exams

$50 deposit required with first appointment

Follow Up Exams/Consults (unlimited) $73/month
Behavior Interventions (Exercise and Nutrition consults);
Bone Density (osteoporosis);
Carotid Artery Ultrasound (screen);
Thyroid Ultrasound;
Heart Ultrasound (screen)
Irlen Screen
Laboratory (blood/urine) - $30-90 (estimate)
**Bring any recent lab test results to reduce cost
Drug Screen (urine) $40
Sleep Apnea Testing (optional) (insurance)
FibroScan (liver scanning) $125 for initial visit
Cerescan SPECT Brain Imaging (optional) (by Cerescan) Sleep Apnea studies or Cerescan may be filed with insurance, although approval is variable. These are independent services from ADD Clinics. Other lab test costs available upon request if indicated. All fees are posted and transparent.

*Included initial history and physical exam with physician** Includes 24/7 availability via email, text, phone, unlimited office visits, prescription refills, medication pre-approvals, referrals or reports.

**Health insurance is not filed or accepted at ADD Clinics.